Morris: Poised

Here is another photograph of Morris Dancers from the Swanage Folk Festival a couple of weeks ago. A few days ago I featured a female dance side: The Sidmouth Steppers but today is the turn of a male Morris side.

Standing here, poised to move off on the procession, are three of the Kennett Morris Men. Although I had decided to focus on the feet of Morris Dancers that day, I was intrigued by the way these dancers were holding their hankies – through the fingers.

4 thoughts on “Morris: Poised

    1. Hee-hee 🙂 It’s quite surreal when one arrives in Swanage (by steam train) as everywhere you go, there is the sound of bells: at the station; in shops; pubs; restaurants – around every corner, the sound of bells. It’s GREAT!

      I took the decision to focus on the lower halves before I arrived. It made for some fun shots!


    1. Thank you David! It is really cheerful hearing the bells everywhere! It’s a wonderful way to spend a weekend: the bright costumes, the bells, the dancing, the music, the characters, the sea, steam trains, spectacular views ……… Awesome!


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