Although it’s Autumn, we are enjoying a reappearance of Summer in England. Temperatures are set to reach the low 80s this week accompanied by lots of sunshine and blue skies.

As mentioned on previous posts, the leaves are keeping their green colour but fruit is in abundance and has been for many weeks.

This is a shot of a Windfall Apple in dappled late afternoon light. The smell of apples as one walks past the trees is really quite wonderful!

24 thoughts on “Windfall

    1. Thank you Hallysann 🙂 Yes – I guess we ought to make the most of this unseasonably warm and fine weather before it starts to get cold and grey again! It’s a nice surprise when Summer returns in Autumn.


  1. What an exquisitely scrumptous picture! I’m imagining the sights and scents of walking through an English orchard–I lived near one many years ago. Now I’m back in Western New York USA and it’s also very summerlike with touches of autumn on the trees, a few leaves floating in the air and in the deepening of shadows that make ther sunshine seem even brighter. So glad I found your blog through Lostinthought’s. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments Bardess! Yes – Summer has made a very welcome reappearance. The lovely soft light and warm temperatures are wonderful! Many thanks for your visit – I will be coming over to have a look around your blog over the next couple of days.


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