Autumn Fern

Here is a photograph of another plant I’ve added to my wish list: the Autumn Fern, otherwise known as a Japanese Wood Fern or Japanese Shield Fern. I’ve also seen it named as a type of Buckler Fern. The latin name is Dryopteris erythrosora.

I photographed this one whilst at Heale Gardens, Wiltshire, at the weekend. It’s situated underneath a pergola and gets diffused sun. The late afternoon south-west sun illuminated it in such a way that the colours looked quite intense.

I really must get a couple for the garden. I think it might grow quite well as they like light woodland shade and can tolerate a dry – albeit rich – soil.

28 thoughts on “Autumn Fern

    1. Thanks so much Sheila! I’d photographed one of these about three weeks previously although the sun was stronger and more direct – the result was not very good. I’m really learning how different light can dramatically affect a subject: fascinating!


  1. Looks great, I love the colours.
    Your plants seem to be so well chosen and thoughtfully placed in your garden, it must be a lovely place to sit and relax. Mine is a bit eaten and dug up, but I wouldn’t swap all of the plants in the world for Alice, my rabbit. 😀


    1. Thank you Hallysann! I don’t, as yet, have any of these in the garden but would really like them! I don’t have an Alice to eat the plants but I’ve plenty of slugs and snails 🙂


  2. Love the beautiful fall colors in these ferns. We are out searching for some fall colors of our own this week in northern Michigan. Where we live in central Minnesota the fall colors are just starting.


    1. Thanks Jeanne. It’s happening in a very subtle way here – there are some small changes. Although this fern is called the Autumn Fern, the fronds start out with the coppery colour and then turn green!


  3. Hmmm.. I think this would work outside our front door in Edinburgh. We get a sliver of morning sunshine followed by shade for the remainder of the day and contrary to popular belief – it doesn’t always rain here 🙂
    Lovely photograph… Could work as part of a “kitchen series” 🙂


    1. Thank you Lu! When the cold, grey weather arrives I think I will have to get together all the images with hot colours and pin them up everywhere. Not this weekend though – it’s SO unbelievably HOT!


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