Golden Wings

This is a photograph of what I’m fairly sure is a Common Darter dragonfly (Sympetrum striolatum). It’s sometimes quite difficult to identify dragonflies and damselflies but according to the best way to identify this species is by the yellow stripe along the black legs which other photographs I took appear to show. It is a Summer and Autumn species and can be found as late as November.

It looked beautiful in the morning sun and although it darted to and fro whilst I attempted to take some photographs, it was pretty tolerant of my efforts. They are wonderful creatures and I was so pleased to be able to photograph this one – the first time I’ve been successful!

46 thoughts on “Golden Wings

  1. Congrats – great shot! I love dragonflies.

    Just to let you know – I’ve got to take some time off (see Housekeeping Notes on my blog). I’ll still be here to read and rate posts but for the most part I’ll be in the background. In other words – here but not here. 🙂


    1. Thank you EP. It was wonderful seeing this one at the weekend – I’ve seen a few damsels here and there but not very many dragonflies this year.

      Thanks for the info re: your blog. Take care and have a wonderful vacation! I look forward to viewing your posts on your return 🙂


    1. Thanks Hallysann! They are really beautiful – the wings are so delicate. Unlike damselflies which hold their wings against their bodies when resting, dragonflies hold them at right angles enabling a good view of them. I really like their faces too – I have a couple of side-on shots where the face can be seen but didn’t post because of the distracting background elements. I might pop a slide-show on …….


  2. You did a great job of photographing it. Have you noticed that once they get the idea of what you are doing, they won’t stop posing??


  3. Wow – beautiful closeup shot – the details pop! I also like dragonflies. Sandy is correct above about them posing. I have some photos yet to post on dragonflies, but I have experienced a couple that coincidentally gave me different poses every time I held up my camera. It’s so fun! Great shot – I enjoyed it.


    1. Thank you Patti! I didn’t think I would get a decent photo and nearly gave up. The dragonfly was flying around and I thought it would be impossible but then it settled a couple of times and I was able to photograph it. I was so pleased!


    1. Thank you FM! I had a couple of shots with vegetation in the background which was far too distracting so I was pleased with this one – pity about that little bit of green at the top though!


  4. That’s a lovely shot, absolutely pin sharp and perfect depth of field. I love photographing dragons and damsels and I’ve taken thousands, but none better than your common darter. Tremendous!


    1. Thank you so much Finn – that’s really kind! It was one of those rare times when everything comes together: the light was good; the background amenable; and the dragonfly extremely tolerant! Many thanks for your visit and lovely comments!


    1. Wow- thanks so much for your really kind comments Adrian! It was one of those shots which came together – fortunately! I was a little nervous as I didn’t want to frighten the dragonfly but it was seemingly okay with having me around!


    1. Thanks so much Maggie for your very kind words. I think this is one of my sharpest images and I was a little nervous taking it! It might be some time before I take another photograph as sharp and clear!


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