Looking on the Bright Side

Here is a photograph of a section of leaf from the Cotinus plant or Smoke Bush. I photographed it whilst in the gardens at Kingston Lacy, Dorset, at the weekend.

It was late afternoon and the soft low sun made the leaves look all kinds of wonderful colours: deep purples; pinks; reds; yellows; and oranges.

The Cotinus is a wonderful and unusual plant; the Autumn colours are spectacular and the flowers create a ‘smoky’ effect earlier in the year.

28 thoughts on “Looking on the Bright Side

  1. Excellent picture, I like that a lot! The contrast between the orange-red side and the grey-blue side works wonderfully, and all of the vein textures just grab the eye and drag it down to the photo’s bottom right corner. I envy you this shot – I wish it were mine! FATman


    1. Wow – thanks FM! I’m taking that as a huge compliment! It was one of the last shots I took that day at the gardens. The low afternoon sun made so many of the plants ‘come to life’!


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