Berry Nice

Here is a photograph of some berries from a Mahonia plant which was situated within Kingston Lacy gardens, Dorset.  This, however, is no ordinary Mahonia plant – it’s not like any Mahonia I’ve seen before and it’s very hard to find anything exactly like it with an internet search. I wish I had asked about it now; might give them a call.

The leaf colours were amazing: greens of different shades; pinks; yellows; blues – it was as if someone had spray-painted it with candy-colours! The berries were interesting shades of greens and purples.

It was all the more unusual as it was the only one in the gardens with this colouring – others were the standard dark green. I will post more images showing the colours of the plant over the coming days.

12 thoughts on “Berry Nice

  1. these look like the berries we call Oregon grapes here – even though I don’t live in Oregon and they are not grapes. Maybe if you google that term you will find some more information? In any event, a great capture!


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