Bridge View

This is a photograph across the river Stour to the bridge and grounds at Stourhead gardens, Wiltshire. It was one of the last photographs I took that day – right at the end of the afternoon before the place closed. The light was soft and a little misty.

I had to step very carefully down a slippery bank dotted with thistles to get into position for this shot!

34 thoughts on “Bridge View

    1. Thanks so much Sheila! It is a lovely place. I did think twice (maybe three times) about staying where I was originally – on terra firma – but in the end I thought I probably wouldn’t be returning to Stourhead for a while so a trip down the slippery bank had to be negotiated 🙂


    1. Thank you jb! I know: I’ve put myself in front of traffic, agricultural machinery and water (amongst others) to get the shot I want but as you say, it’s worth the effort!


    1. Thank you Sandy! The whole place was designed to offer a picturesque view around every corner. There are interesting viewpoints all the way around making it a dream to photograph.


  1. Wonderful composition ! One could imagine the Romantic poets and painters gathering for a 1800’s “jam session” of transcendental metaphors.


  2. Beautiful lighting 🙂 This takes me back to my early teens… used to go to a school in Somerset and have been to Stourhead several times on organised day-trips… I’ll never NOT recognise this bridge!


  3. A nice picture, I like that! The sunlight hitting the bridge’s supports is particularly good. Try putting your finger over the patch of sunlit grass just over half way up the left margin of the frame – darkening this would make the bridge even more prominent I think. Good stuff! FATman


    1. Thank you FM! I took a couple of photos from positions to the left and right of this one but further up the bank and they showed the light hitting the supports a bit clearer, but the overall composition wasn’t as good.

      I like the patch of sunlit grass but I’ll see what the bridge looks like with it darkened!


    1. Thanks very much! I guess one just has to try and get the shot of the bridge when visiting Stourhead. I saw some images on the BBC News website the other day; the colours are pretty spectacular right now.


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