View Through Bamboo

This is another photograph taken at Kingston Lacy, Dorset. I had been lurking amongst the bamboo when I noticed the late afternoon sun highlighting the reds and golds of the acers. This combination was a wonderful assault on the senses: lovely warm sunshine; the bright colours of the trees contrasting with the darker greens; and the sound and feel of the bamboo – such a tactile plant.


28 thoughts on “View Through Bamboo

    • It is still really green here Sandy – most of the trees are still keeping their green colour. We’ve had a bit of a return to Summer! Bamboo isn’t native to Britain but it grows really well if it has some moisture and a bit of shade.


    • Thanks so much Patti – that’s really kind! The reds and golds of the acers looked so nice in the afternoon sun. I really liked the design of the Japanese-style gardens at Kingston Lacy.


    • Thank you so much Littleskew! I’m pleased you get an enchanting feeling from it! To me, there’s something about bamboo and stepping ‘stones’ …….. Hidden views being revealed … and so on ๐Ÿ™‚


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