Here is a photograph of some interesting chimney stacks and rooftops from the Cathedral Close in Salisbury, Wiltshire. I think the ones with the arches are pretty unusual. I also like the striped rooftop of the building on the right. It was nice being able to find some attractive rooftops to photograph which weren’t adorned with antennae and satellite dishes!

I photographed these buildings whilst visiting Salisbury Cathedral yesterday afternoon in order to look at the sculpture of Sean Henry which is being displayed inside and outside the Cathedral until the end of October. His work is really rather good and it was wonderful being able to see a variety of his sculptures.

Images of the exhibition can be found on the Salisbury Cathedral website. The Cathedral itself is a beautiful place to visit.

16 thoughts on “Stacks

    1. Thank you Mike! I thought afterwards that it would have probably been more striking without the clouds but then thought perhaps they could represent smoke! Imagination can take one a bit far sometimes 🙂


    1. Thank you! I wonder. There are all types of lovely, characterful buildings in the close which surrounds the Cathedral. Salisbury Museum, Sarum College, and Sir Edward Heath’s former home are amongst them.


  1. I wonder if the commonest wind in Salisbury comes in from either right or left of the picture? If so, maybe the arches are to do with preventing wind backing up smoke from the chimneys (see the alignment of the cowls on the nearby chimney for further circumstantial evidence!) Lovely picture- I really liked the striped roof at the back in particular.


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