Rustic Post

I had a bit of time out from the new job yesterday and felt a strong need to get outside in the bracing air in order to take in the views of big skies and fields!

This fence post looked wonderful filled with orange lichen, and the wood itself had aged beautifully. I had intended to zoom in and focus completely on the lichen and wood but thought it would be fun to show it in its context. We were surrounded by farms and this fence post formed part of a boundary between a horses’ field and the footpath. Just in the distance is a field full of round hay bales.

It was a pretty chilly day but it was wonderful getting out for a good, refreshing, walk.

22 thoughts on “Rustic Post

    1. Thanks a lot Adrian! Yes – I would normally have zoomed in for a macro shot of the wood and lichen but decided to have a bit of background for this one. It’s such a lovely, peaceful, rural place!


  1. Delightful shot and you did the right thing to include the background to give the main subject its context. I would have probably cropped about half an inch from the top to get rid of that area of light brown in the top righthand corner. But what do I know? 🙂


    1. Thank you Calvin. I agree with you about that top right hand corner! I did crop a bit of sky that was in that corner and felt satisfied with the image, but when I posted this morning my eye was drawn to that patch and I wondered about it! It should have had the chop 🙂


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