Autumn Bales

Here is a view looking across a field of leafy Winter crops towards a haybale field. It was really nice to see a field full of round bales after my Summer finds of big rectangular ones. The Winter crops looked good too.

12 thoughts on “Autumn Bales

    1. Thank you Hallysann! I’ve seen quite a few haybales of different types standing in fields recently. On a farm near yesterday’s image, a giant screen of haystacks was standing, looking like a block of flats 🙂


    1. It does look a bit like that doesn’t it – with the different textures and patterns! Apparently there is carpet you can buy which is a representation of satellite views of Earth. It’s very expensive though!


    1. Thank you Brandon. I decided to sort of reverse the subject of focus in this and to have more of the leafy veg than the bales. There was something about the veg that made me crave cabbages! Weird.


    1. Thank you Terry. It is nice to see green isn’t it? I’m surprised there is still so much. There are little pockets of colour here and there. I’ll have to remember to make a wish next time I pass a haybale!


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