Lighting the Way

I haven’t had as much time to go out and take photographs recently so when I do have some spare time I endeavour to try and get out and about with the camera.

I had a day off yesterday and was looking forward to getting out; the only snag was the weather: heavy showers and short bright spells. I was itching to get out, so inbetween showers grabbed the camera and went out for a walk. I was marching along the footpath next to the field where I photographed the Barley back in Spring-Summer when I turned around and noticed these trees – which I think are hornbeams – looking rather beautiful especially against the darkening sky. The yellow looked so intense and lovely.

I took a few photographs of them and then decided to walk on before realising that the threatening sky would be bringing heavy rain before long. Needless to say, the rain came and I got soaked and could be found sheltering under these trees a few minutes later! I was glad that I went out at that time though as the light was pretty wonderful.

28 thoughts on “Lighting the Way

    1. Oh, that’s a shame. I love these kinds of skies and the way anything green or yellow looks so intense against them. I’m so glad I turned around and saw the trees at this point! The excitement of seeing them almost made me forget that I was in for an imminent soaking πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you eremophila! Yes – it was worth the soaking – the light was wonderful! You should have seen me trying to stay dry under the leaf canopy; huge drops soon started falling on me from the leaves!


  1. Love the hornbeams and the story! What a sky! It was worth getting wet the capture it, wasn’t it? Hey, do you carry a plastic bag to stick your camera in, while out walking, I do.


    1. Thank you Sandy! The sky was amazing and the light was incredible! It certainly was worth getting wet although I must have looked a sight! I usually carry my camera bag with me but not a plastic bag against rain. I guess I ought to really especially when I want to get out and capture these types of shots!


  2. That’s very nice! There are three near horizontal bands, aren’t there – the wonderfully vibrant green in the foreground, the thin dark band that is probably a wall, and then that wonderfully dark sky behind >>> and then the three or four autumnal bushes on the right are sort of balanced by the skeletal tree on the left. And the sloping of the composition down towards the right helps it too. Absolutely the right format too – great stuff! Adrian


    1. Thanks so much Adrian! This shot worked best out of the couple I took. I zoomed in closer to the trees with one of them and it looked good but ultimately – as you say – the skeletal tree in this image helps to balance the shot! The light that afternoon was simply wonderful!


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