On the Road: Again

I took this photograph on the same soggy day as yesterday’s image but went out later in the afternoon after the rain had stopped.

There were lots of puddles of different sizes but the reflection in this one really caught my eye. Dried Nigella flower capsules and a lime-washed wall are reflected on a road. I like the textured metallic feel to it. I rotated the image 180 degrees and cropped it quite a bit in order to focus on the ‘metallic’ strip.

40 thoughts on “On the Road: Again

    1. Thank you Littleskew. There is a painted feel to it isn’t there? It also reminded me of a type of tarnished metal. I find it fascinating how the lime-washed wall looked so different in the reflection.


    1. Thank you David! I love reflection shots because of the interesting colours and textures which appear. I think this is the most interesting reflection shot I’ve taken so far.


    1. Thank you Katie! Reflections are absolutely fascinating! The textures and colours of the road and the wall are quite intriguing. Many thanks for your visit and kind comments πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you cocomino! The effects do look like those of a painting I think. Yes – lime-washed walls tend to change colour and texture depending on the weather. They are pretty durable.


    1. Thank you Adrian! I think this image marks a bit of a change for me and the kind of things I’ll be looking for with my images. It’s also a step towards being a bit more creative I think!


    1. Thank you CV! I find it so fascinating that reflections can create such interesting effects. The wall looked so different reflected in that puddle and the Nigella capsules made interesting shadows.


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