Wild Camomile

I spotted a couple of these sweet little flowers whilst out on a walk yesterday afternoon. I had a quick look on the internet to find out their usual flowering time and discovered that it should be Summer. All kinds of strange things are happening with the unseasonably warm weather we are having in England at the moment. Spring flowers have started to bloom again too.

The clocks have been turned back an hour today (2 a.m.) meaning we are back on Greenwich Mean Time once again. The extra hour today will be most welcome as time just seems to be running away at the moment. I’m not looking forward to the nights drawing in though.

26 thoughts on “Wild Camomile

    1. Thank you AJ! Your comments are really interesting. I do tend to go for shots which give me an emotional pull. There was just something about these little flowers looking so nice in the Autumn sunshine that attracted me to them. Many of the flowers were more mature with the petals facing downwards but this flower was a young one.


    1. Thank you Bardess. Yes – it was a surprise to find it and other plants which shouldn’t be in bloom at this time of year! They are such pretty little flowers and so beneficial too.


    1. Thank you Hallysann. They are sweet little flowers! The weather is pretty weird. It was SO warm again today. I had a permanent radish face at work (wish I could have a red-faced emoticon) 🙂 Shouldn’t grumble really – saving cash on heating costs – so that’s good!


  1. I have never seen it growing in the wild, but do have it in my herb garden. We have a weed here called pineapple weed that looks a bit like camomile, though.


    1. Yes – the pineapple weed is a relative to camomile. This one, I believe, is the German camomile or Matricaria recutita, whereas the pineapple weed (I think) is Matricaria discoidea! There are lots of different types seemingly! It’s often difficult to pin down the right species.


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