Here is a photograph of an evergreen coniferous plant – one small branch of which had ‘strayed’ in front of a very bright red-orange fence panel. I saw it whilst walking along a narrow dark footpath – well I actually walked past it and then doubled back when the strong contrast in colours had registered in my mind!

I’ve cropped and rotated the image 90 degrees as I thought the panels looked better horizontally rather than vertically (thanks to Adrian Lewis at FATman photos for his influence re: rotating images!).

28 thoughts on “Evergreen

    1. Thank you CV! It’s funny that I nearly walked past it without photographing it – I was probably thinking of getting somewhere for the next shot I had in mind rather than taking time to look around properly whilst walking! I was pleased I turned back. There’s another interesting fence panel-plant combo in the area; must go and visit that one tomorrow šŸ™‚ Yes – I thought the background was a bit too – well – red when I first saw it but it has grown on me!


  1. Great shot. I love green–and this contrast really makes it pop. Nature finds a way to get everywhere! I understand the need to double-back–it is great to be open to those moments, visions, insights that creep up on us, slide in from the fringe. People (in general) do not always go back when a delayed awareness surfaces–glad you did!


    1. Thank you Patti! I know what you mean: there have been times when I’ve let a shot go because I’ve carried on in the car or with the walk and have then regretted that I didn’t turn around. This colour fence really did contrast so well with that green – especially in this shady area.


    1. Thank you JP! The original image made the branch look like an ornate strap hinge fastening the fence panels together but the tapering of the panels downwards looked odd to me. So I sort of lost my ornate strap hinge but gained a more ’rounded’ image by rotating it!


    1. I know what you mean! That’s what I thought when I decided to post: ‘Am I too early – should I keep it for December?’! Ah, well – early preparation is possibly a good thing šŸ™‚


  2. Me too! I really like the perfect contrast in this picture! you perfectly used the colour balance that some famous painters have loved between a primary colour (red) and its complementary (green)! well done! cheers!


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