These layers of stone – revealed through weather exposure – sit atop a railway bridge wall. Whenever I walk over this bridge, I always look at this weathering whilst I stop and wait for the train to come along.

I don’t know how many times I’ve stopped here to see the train speed underneath but it’s always a thrill (it’s good to retain a child-like excitement for simple things I think!).

The driver – more often than not – will acknowledge my presence by sounding the horn (which frightens me every time!) and I usually try and wave a hand whilst trying to take a photograph of the speeding train at the same time.

16 thoughts on “Weathered

    1. Thank you Ted! I’d taken a couple of shots a few months ago but incorporated the tracks too. They didn’t quite work though, so when I walked over the bridge a couple of days ago I decided to just take shots of the stone. I like its character too πŸ™‚


  1. Ah ha! It would seem that I share your love of trains! I wanted a train set from the age of 4, only being deemed old enough to actually get my first Hornby when I was a bit older (coinciding with arrival of baby brother…hmmm)… I still love a long train journey, providing I get a seat and don’t have to sit on a suitcase in the joining section between carriages!!


    1. Oh Lu – I could bore, I mean talk to you for hours about trains. I also love train journeys although they are not that much fun when very crowded. I enjoy riding on the Steam trains at Swanage and also the vintage style of the stations. Ah, the golden age of Steam πŸ™‚ I’d actually like one of the doors from a diesel train from the early 70s – the type with the handle you had to twist, the window that pushed down, and the door that had to be slammed shut. I have an idea to make a frame and hang the door as entrance to one of the rooms in the house. I have been told this would be a bad idea, however, due to the weight!


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