Golden Brown

I noticed these leaves from a species of maple a couple of days ago when on my way to work. They looked so nice and bright on the pavement (sidewalk) under the tree especially on an overcast day. I didn’t have my camera with me the first day I saw them but I made sure I had it Saturday morning to photograph them.

18 thoughts on “Golden Brown

    1. Thank you Jeanne. There’s so much variance in the leaf fall this year. Some trees are quite green, others have changed colour beautifully and the rest have dropped their leaves pretty quickly.


    1. Thank you cocomino! I think what made these leaves stand out is the sheer number, the lovely yellow colours and the fact that they are falling on a concrete path – brightening everything up šŸ™‚ It would also be good to go to a park to try and capture some fallen leaves!


    1. It’s wonderful isn’t it Sandy? The thing is, there haven’t been that many colourful carpets of leaves that I’ve personally come across so when I saw these yellow and brown ones piled up en-masse, I just had to shoot!


    1. Thank you David! Piles of leaves really do bring out the child in us don’t they? We love to kick them and crunch them and throw them in the air. I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself beside the busy road where I found them, so I just photographed them!


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