I only had to step outside my front door this morning for some image inspiration! This is a photograph of a Mullein – Verbascum – leaf covered in morning dew.

Mullein leaves are delightfully fuzzy even without a coating of dew and these new leaves have sprung up in one of the Summer planters. The strange thing is: these plants shouldn’t be throwing up new leaves at this time of year. It’s another example of unusual things happening in the plant world as a result of the overall warm Autumn we’ve having. Even the beautiful Nigellas are blooming again. It’s all very odd.


30 thoughts on “Dewy

    • No – although it looks very much like it! It was water droplets from overnight; because the leaves are so thick and furry, the water sits on top in hundreds of tiny droplets!


    • Thank you eremophila! It was wonderful to open the front door this morning to be greeted with these droplet-textured leaves. I always think it would be nice to be wrapped in them when it’s cold πŸ™‚


    • Thank you Sandy. I have attempted to photograph the dry leaves before but they didn’t come out the way I had hoped. I took a few this morning and this was the best one for droplets and texture.


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