Silhouette on Blue

Leaves from an Acer tree silhouetted against a deep blue sky with a wisp of white cloud.

I’m craving blue sky and a bit of brightness at the moment; the last few days have been, as the weather forecaster so succinctly put it: DULL. The kind of days where you need the light on indoors most of the day. There are no dramatic clouds in the sky – just a blanket of mid-grey. There’s no proper rain for a good puddle reflection shot – instead we have mizzle.

I heard on the news this morning that there’s a new ‘cure’ for the Winter blues. Apparently if you shine a light in your ear, it cheers you up. Sounds straightforward. Might have to do a bit of research on that one …….

18 thoughts on “Silhouette on Blue

    1. Thank you Jeanne. The forecasters predict sun for the weekend. That will be good. The long dark days of late Autumn and Winter are so compounded by grey days. For me, it’s as if an inner switch is turned off resulting in tiredness and a desire to snuggle up somewhere warm and cosy.


  1. dear Meanderer, I absolutely share your feeling: sometimes I crave good weather, I need sun! and I miss the warm and sunny climate of my country! but not more space to homesickness!! I love your snap, the silhouette of the leaves looks like a beautifully designed net through which looking at the sky! well done!


    1. Thanks so much for your comments Alessia! The sun peeped through briefly today and I felt instantly cheered then the sky clouded over and it rained! Hopefully the weekend will bring some more sun!


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