Autumn Scabious

This is a photograph I took a couple of weeks ago of a dried wild scabious which was catching the glow of the late afternoon soft Autumn sun.

Ah the sun: it is still rather conspicuous by its absence. I’ve heard a rumour it will make an appearance some time next week ………

I also don’t think the snow I was told about is going to arrive. It’s FAR too mild.

14 thoughts on “Autumn Scabious

    1. Thank you eremophila! It does still look so pretty doesn’t it? It has aged well. It’s strange though: I saw some new low-lying scabious flowers at the weekend. Plants must be really confused due to the very mild Autumn which followed a very cool and dull Summer. One of the great aspects of taking photographs throughout the seasons is that one can log these things.


  1. I like the contrast between the out of focus background and the sharp detail of the dried flower! and it is fun to follow with the eye the stem of the flower that loses the focus…gives you the perception of perspective! amazing!


    1. Thank you David! Heavy fog for you then. I guess with that amount of visibility there was no opportunity for an atmospheric shot! I wouldn’t mind a little bit of mist – as long as the sun broke through soon after 🙂


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