Spotlight on Apples

I took this photograph of a lovely big old apple tree a few weeks ago. I love the shape of this tree with its arching branches – it has something of a character.  The abundance of fruit was rather wonderful to see too. The way the low sun illuminates half of the tree – highlighting some branches and apples whilst leaving the rest in shadow – really appeals to me; I like the light effects that soft Autumn sunlight brings.

It’s still grey here today, although the sun did peek through for a short time yesterday. Blue sky appeared too – just before sundown. There’s a slim chance of a bit of sunshine for the weekend.

20 thoughts on “Spotlight on Apples

    1. Hi there! I’m afraid I can’t name the variety; the tree isn’t mine but is one I admire ‘from afar’! There are a few thousand different apple varieties which can be grown in England; I’m not sure whether that includes the Heritage varieties.


  1. This is a good looking apple tree, and the way the light plays through the branches is very attractive. The slanted light of autumn looks good on foliage.


  2. Hmmmn, shall we use a ladder or would it be more fun driving a truck against the trunk and running around with huge aprons catching the falling apples. 🙂
    … A padded truck of course, so as not to damage the tree. 😀


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