Grass Flower

I was surprised and delighted yesterday to find that my Miscanthus zebrinus grass had a flower! I’ve had this plant in the garden for a few years and it has never really looked that happy apart from this year where it has looked a little more settled. It had never previously developed Autumn flowers.

It’s such an attractive plant with its drooping sword-shaped long leaves and ‘zebra’ stripes, but the flowers, for me, have always been the icing on the cake. The long pink and green shiny panicles look so pretty and elegant in Autumn and throughout Winter – especially when planted en-masse.

The painted effect of the image is the result of a VERY overcast day; zooming in emphasised this effect too I think. The texture reminds me of knitting yarn. I’ve included a couple of other images below as I found it hard to decide which one to post. Clicking on an image brings in the new revolving slideshow.

25 thoughts on “Grass Flower

    1. Thank you Sheila. It’s something a bit different for me! I find grass flowers really hard to photograph well but the painted effect as a result of the dull day seems to have worked with this one!


    1. Thank you Sandy. I love grasses; they look so good when they are established. The flowers look wonderful in a group setting. I’m not sure why this miscanthus has taken a while to get going as they are said to be drought tolerant and they enjoy full sun. I wonder whether it’s the chalk it’s not too keen on.


    1. Thank you Fergie! I think it had objected to the hot dry Springs and Summers we had been having as the leaves had curled every year, but this year, we had a damp overcast Summer which possibly helped the roots establish themselves a little.


  1. Nice composition – and very relevant to me since I’ve been rambling on about softness in photos today. Classic composition – top left to bottom right, and the wonderfully matching background even more out of focus – good stuff! Adrian


    1. Thank you Adrian. This was a bit of a different image for me! It’s good to experiment with different styles I think. I like your recent series on softness in photos – especially that Ashmoor Drove abstract: beautiful.


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