Tree Lights

The setting sun catches the few remaining leaves on this mature Horse Chestnut tree making them look alight.

I took this photograph from an upstairs window yesterday afternoon – leaning out as far as I could.

18 thoughts on “Tree Lights

    1. Thank you Hallysann! The leaves caught my eye yesterday whilst sitting in front of the laptop; I have a good view of this tree from where I sit. I got up, put the card in the camera, opened the sash window then the sun went in! I sat down a little dejected and then the sun came out again and I was able to get a few shots!


    1. I see what you mean; they do look a little like flowers. I think it’s because the leaves are partly browning and the sun can only be seen through the non-brown parts. They are also curling a little.


  1. I’m seeing the most wonderful autumn inspired shots on some of the blogs lately, and this one by you is exceptional also. It’s true what Sandy said in her comment, it does indeed look like those leaves light up, which creates a remarkably warm and comforting atmosphere. Beautiful work Meanderer.


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