On the River Path

Something a bit different today. A view of houses and a wall along a narrow stretch of river. I thought it looked much more interesting rotated 180 degrees.

28 thoughts on “On the River Path

    1. Hallysann – it still confuses me when I look at this rotated view 🙂 I was standing on a narrow footbridge when I took this and held people up because they wanted to cross it. I explained to an elderly lady what I was doing though and she was fine!


  1. Yes, this is certainly a bit different. And I like it! To me it looks as if it was taken underwater, with the photographer (you) looking up at the buildings while taking the shot. Very nicely done, a bit of a mind trip this one.


    1. Thank you Adrian. I don’t really like it in colour. The wall is a drab grey-brown and the houses aren’t interesting colours. This one was definitely enhanced by the B&W conversion (and the rotation 🙂 ).


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