Golden Leaves

I have a bit of a leaf theme going on this week!  These are some lovely buttery yellow leaves from a rather tall birch tree. Most of the remaining leaves on the tree were distantly spaced but this little group was dangling just above eye level, catching the late afternoon sun.

12 thoughts on “Golden Leaves

    1. Well, as of yesterday evening, I could have said it wasn’t cold; I walked home from work yesterday in a light cotton top because it was so warm. This morning, however, we’ve had our first frost.


  1. That’s nice! I like the way that the colourful leaves on the right sort of come out of the photo at the viewer, while the rest of the tree seems to be hanging back a bit. So if I start looking at this from the left, I see the tree and then, as my eyes go rightwards (rightwards???), the leaves sort of ‘come out to meet me’. Very good! Adrian


    1. Thanks so much Adrian. I like the way you’ve read the image. These trees were so tall with lots of tangly branches and I might not have stopped to notice them if that little clutch of golden leaves hadn’t caught my eye: I doubled back to take the photograph of them. They had to feature prominently but the tangly branches also had to be included albeit a bit more ‘laid back’.


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