18 thoughts on “Moss

    1. Thank you Jeanne. Yes – moss has the feel of Spring doesn’t it?! We are having such an unseasonably warm Autumn that it does look quite Spring like outdoors as well as Autumnal with the leaf fall. It’s all very confusing!


    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comments Angela Marie. It’s wonderful to have so many interesting things to photograph! It’s easy to forget plants like moss when there’s so much beautiful Autumn colour.


  1. Beautiful texture and colour. What exactly is a wooden water butt ? – Somehow the question seems like a set-up for a Music Hall skit.


    1. 🙂 I’ve constructed that sentence a bit awkwardly I think! It’s a plastic water butt (rainwater receptacle) with a wooden cover. We have lots of them dotted around the gardens. Many thanks!


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