Trees in the Park

I took this photograph yesterday afternoon – a little after sunset. I was on my way back home when I spotted the bright leaves – both on the trees and on the ground. The strips of leaves and the trees really brightened the area and although light was fading I thought I’d try and take some photographs.

The result is a rather interesting painted look. It seems as though the combo of fading light and zooming in – as with my Grass Flower post – results in this effect. I have two more images which I’ll post sometime over the next few days.

16 thoughts on “Trees in the Park

    1. Thank you Terry. Autumn is certainly holding on in England where the weather has been so strangely, and unseasonably, warm. It will be a shock to the system when (if?) the cold weather arrives!


    1. Thank you! Yes – the fence, the posts and the alternating lines of leaves and grass really attracted me to the scene – as well as the lovely coloured leaves. Many thanks for your visit πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Adrian. Yes – I did try a cropped version and removed some of the grass in the foreground. It did look good but I stayed with this version as I like the layers of colour.


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