Golden Grain

The grain in a wooden picnic table is highlighted by the golden glow of the setting sun.

I photographed this table yesterday whilst visiting a RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) Nature Reserve. I’d never visited this place before but really liked it.

A lot of thought had gone into designing this reserve, including the positioning of this picnic bench which faced West so one could watch the sun disappear behind a ridge of trees. There we sat, after our walk, enjoying our afternoon tea and cake whilst bathed in the golden yellow light of the sun: wonderful.

42 thoughts on “Golden Grain

  1. Fantastic! The light is extraordinary, and I can let my imagination run riot……it could almost be a landscape viewed from a great height!


    1. Thank you Matthew. The bleached wood looked sort of ash-blue colour and the yellow sunset was so strong. I was pleased I was there at the right time to capture it! Many thanks for your visit and kind comments.


    1. Yes – the sky turned a very strong yellow (I’ll possibly post one of the images of the sunset) and it really made this weathered table look wonderful! Many thanks for your visit Roberta.


    1. Thank you Truels. I was fortunate to have discovered this place for the first time on a day when the light was so lovely. The sky was so golden at sunset.

      You’re welcome re: the visit. I love your images. Many thanks for the visit to mine πŸ™‚


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