Silver Lining

I was going to post the colour version of yesterday’s village scene today, but this image of power lines kept calling me. What captivated me about it is the way the light catches the silver colour of the steel wires. Also, although the lines aren’t complemented by a spectacular sunset or stormy sky, there is something about the light that I like. Sometimes, it’s not straightforward trying to explain why a particular image appeals!

31 thoughts on “Silver Lining

    1. Thank you eremophila. I had a few different titles for this image – some of which were awful puns – but lines of communication is an apt one. As well as ‘every cloud has’ ……… and ‘crossed lines’ and so on. These networks of lines are often described as aesthetically ugly but I appreciate their beauty and utility – living in a rural area πŸ™‚


  1. Yes, those silvery strands of steel wire works wonderfully Meanderer, and contrasts very nicely with a sky that doesn’t distract from the effect of the wires. You’re completely right you know, one doesn’t always need some dramatic and overwhelming sky, sometimes the sky can take the back seat for a change, lol.


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