White Horse amidst Haze

Here is a photograph of one of the horses I sometimes encounter when on one of my walks. He (she) usually carries on munching when I walk past but yesterday he stopped to look across at me. It was a very hazy but bright late afternoon and the combination of the haze, the white horse’s gaze, and the low sun creating a glow around him, quite enchanted me.

20 thoughts on “White Horse amidst Haze

    1. Thank you Cocomino. Yes – I am lucky to live in a good place surrounded by Nature. On our walks, we frequently encounter horses, cows, sheep and pigs. The animals are sometimes very interested in us and will run over to have a look. Sometimes, we are ignored as the animals happily munch away! Horse riding is a wonderful activity but is something I’m not very good at!


    1. It is a pretty laid back horse. It must be very used to people – it also shares the field with other horses from time to time. All the horses in these fields wear these types of coat. I wonder whether it is an ‘English thing’!


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