Watery Winter Sun

A weak December sun tries to break through thick grey clouds one morning last week. The power lines this time are in silhouette rather than highlighted a silver colour by the sun, and combined with the almost leafless branches, emphasise the Wintery feel – even though it’s still not really that cold here yet.


21 thoughts on “Watery Winter Sun

    • Yes – it would be good in many ways to have a mild Winter, especially after the last two or three harsh ones. I’m probably quite strange in needing a marker for the different seasons; it’s something quite innate. Reminds me of my childhood perhaps πŸ™‚


  1. Brrrr this photo does give the feeling of a cold blustery day. It’s been really mild here until this morning. Had a light snow last night and now it’s just above freezing. 35 degree difference from yesterday!


    • Thank you Brandon. Yes – there’s something about this type of sky in Winter that reminds me of all sorts of things: the approach of Midwinter and the shortest day, and the festive season generally.


    • Thank you Fergie. I have a liking for power lines I must admit. They fascinate me. I have a fondness for these traditional ones with wooden telegraph poles and steel wires connecting rural houses to the outside world.


  2. They are quite similar shot’s, and even though I really liked those streaks of silver on the previous one, I still think this one wins out because of the added element of the sun, how it adds a typical winter ‘feel’ to the shot – which is what you tried to highlight after all.


    • Thank you for your comments on both images CV. It’s quite fascinating taking slightly different photographs of the same subject and comparing thoughts and feelings about them. Personally, I like the silver lining one for its aesthetic appeal and the way it captured that moment in time, and I like this one for its emotional pull and the way it takes me back to earlier memories of this time of year – as you say of a ‘typical winter’ scene. Many thanks.


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