Winter Brights (III): Rowan Fruit

I walk past this Rowan tree on my way to work and on a bright day with blue sky it always catches my eye. I took this photograph at the end of November but the tree is still full of bright red fruit.

At the weekend I saw two blackbirds sitting in it having a feast but I didn’t have my camera with me. It would be good to have a photograph of it with the addition of a bird or two!

The Rowan is from the Sorbus family and has many alternative common names including the Mountain Ash. I love these trees – they are small enough for most gardens and have year round interest: flowers; fruit; Autumn colour and pretty leaves.

26 thoughts on “Winter Brights (III): Rowan Fruit

    1. Thank you eremophila! There are SO MANY berries this year. Our personal theory is that they are an indicator of another harsh Winter. However, experts say they are the result of a warm Spring and a cold, grey Summer.


  1. They are definately bright berries. 🙂
    I’ve got a mountain ash tree in a large pot in the garden, I’ve trimmed it a few times and the restriction of the pot is slowly turning it into a semi-bonsia tree.
    The ants have eaten all the berries for the second year in a row though. 😦


        1. Ah. I had the same problem in a garden a few years back. I laid a patio on sand and was then forever bothered by ants every Summer. As an organic gardener I never used insecticides but tried washing down with soapy water – which didn’t work for any length of time. I think I used to stand pots on bricks to raise them off the ground but even that might not help.


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