Winter Brights (IV): Midwinter Fire

When I decided to do a Winter Brights series at the weekend, this was one of the plants I thought of – and I knew where I could find a large group of them: one of the large council car parks. So, on my way into town to do some Christmas shopping, I parked and proceeded to get some shots.

It’s a dogwood – Cornus sanguinea, variety ‘Midwinter Fire’. I’ve admired these plants for years for their Winter colour: beautiful pinks, reds and oranges. They need to be pruned at a certain time of year to get this effect in Winter although this year it looks as if the stems have recently been cut as the plants lacked their usual tapered shape – hence the photograph of a mid-section.

I needed something with warm colours today; there is a storm brewing and is set to arrive in England later on today, bringing strong winds and precipitation in the form of rain and snow depending where it falls. One of the weather forecasters said he had never seen such a deep depression brought by the Atlantic Jet Stream.

26 thoughts on “Winter Brights (IV): Midwinter Fire

    1. Thank you Cocomino! Yes – I believe Cornus is native to Japan. I love dogwoods for their leaves, berries, and – especially this type – for their Winter colour. Wonderful, valuable plants. We have a couple in the garden and one has red stems but is quite young.


  1. I have seen dogwood with red stems in garden catalogs, but I don’t have any. Doesn’t it glow in the sun? It makes a wonderful winter bright.

    Good luck with the storm.


    1. Thank you Sandy. Yes – the colours are so striking especially in the sun and they brighten up otherwise drab areas during Winter. The Storm didn’t materialise; it moved further South than expected and hit the English Channel instead I think, so all is calm.


  2. Wonderfully warm colours. Just what I needed. I came home in a flurry of snow this morning but it turned to sleet and rain as I splashed ahead and only settled on the grass bits.
    After last years snow I would be quite happy if it gave this year a miss, even if I have got new wellies to wear. 🙂


    1. Thank you Hallysann. Yes – the storm and inches of snow didn’t really materialise did it? It’s quite fine here at the moment. Snow for a day – particularly at the weekend would be fun but only if it cleared up quickly after that 🙂


    1. Thank you TBM; something very bright and warming! Well, the storm didn’t materialise so now the weather people are explaining where the storm went on the Beeb weather website 😉


  3. I just used some red dogwood in an outdoor decoration. It added contrasting color and texture to the spruce and holly. I have to say that I’ve never seen any of this orange and more rosy variety. What a wonderful dancing crowd of color!


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