Frozen Ivy

Here is a photograph of some pretty coloured ivy which I took this morning.

I’m like a child waiting for Father Christmas at the moment, asking every morning: ‘Has it happened? Is it frosty?’. Honestly. I haven’t been as excited to get up early on a Sunday morning in order to get outside in the cold for a L O N G time!

Anyway, the frost had arrived this morning and I duly got up and went for a leisurely walk – camera in hand. (It was pretty cold though!) Then back home for a hot breakfast and coffee. What a great start to the day!

51 thoughts on “Frozen Ivy

  1. I’ll be honest, I’m not a lover of ivy. But this made me go WOW! Love the subtle colours caused by the frost. Yes, strange isn’t it, I’m getting up at 5.30am just to catch the sunrise, or the fog or both, when otherwise I’d be more than content to stay put. We’re a weird mob 🙂


    1. Thank you eremophila! I’m not a great lover of ivy either as it’s usually found choking other plants but these leaves looked so pretty. It’s funny how having a camera and taking Nature photographs makes you change your habits isn’t it? Up at the crack of dawn and out after sunset – in all weathers 🙂


    1. Thank you Cocomino! Ivy is easy to grow – sometimes too easy 🙂 Once it takes hold, it needs to be kept on top of as it will take over but it does have interesting detail and pretty colours 🙂


    1. The colours are incredible aren’t they Sandy? Ivy is everywhere here – a little slower growing in the Winter but it is found in abundance. I have to admit to not seeing these colours before, however!


    1. Thanks so much Littleskew. I was looking specifically for pretty leaves but didn’t expect to find something like this! Looks as if there won’t be any more frost for a while; we have milder temps; grey skies; and rain.


  2. Oh yes, love that, Meanderer! You’ve filled the frame, the colours are good >>> but its the white, icy edges to the leaves, and the leaves’ whitish veins, that make the whole think look like a tesselated pavement! Very beautiful image – and the more so with those little touches of reddish brown. Great! Adrian


    1. Thanks Lynn. Ooh, it was very cold, but actually only one of two very frosty mornings so far this Winter. I read somewhere yesterday that we’ve had the mildest Christmas Day in England for around 90 years!


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