Trees at Twilight

Which is probably not easy to say after a glass or two of Seasonal mulled wine πŸ˜‰Β  (Not that I’ve had any – yet!).

This is a photograph I took after sunset on Sunday afternoon – the same day as yesterday’s image. I think spectacular skies will be in short supply over the next few days as we are covered in a blanket of grey at the moment.

Only a day away from Midwinter’s day – edging towards the gradual increase in daylight.


25 thoughts on “Trees at Twilight

    • Thank you David. I do love a good sunset – and having tree silhouettes is a bonus! Sorry to hear you have grey skies and rain today. The sun came out a little today so it wasn’t as dull as I expected.


    • Thank you Fergie! Oh, the sunsets have been just amazing lately. I saw one this evening from the bedroom window – it was awesome but I didn’t get any good photographs. You’re right: it wouldn’t be the same without the trees.


  1. Yep, days like these are also in short supply on this side, so I will have to come and take a peek at this gorgeous shot of your’s every now and again, just to remind me that the sun’s still there!

    P.S Thanks again for the song, love it!


    • Thank you CV! I hope we get some bright days over the holidays. I should thank you for reminding me about that song. Something just fired off in my brain with the title of your post. I haven’t listened to it in years and it also led me to some others I hadn’t listened to in a while!


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