Trees at Twilight

Which is probably not easy to say after a glass or two of Seasonal mulled wine 😉  (Not that I’ve had any – yet!).

This is a photograph I took after sunset on Sunday afternoon – the same day as yesterday’s image. I think spectacular skies will be in short supply over the next few days as we are covered in a blanket of grey at the moment.

Only a day away from Midwinter’s day – edging towards the gradual increase in daylight.

25 thoughts on “Trees at Twilight

    1. Thank you David. I do love a good sunset – and having tree silhouettes is a bonus! Sorry to hear you have grey skies and rain today. The sun came out a little today so it wasn’t as dull as I expected.


    1. 🙂 Thank you Sandy. I saw these trees with the sunset beyond when on my way home from the walk. It’s quite close to a church and a carol service was taking place; it was an all-round lovely experience! Hope you’re enjoying the Solstice. I’m hoping to make it to Stonehenge by dusk.


    1. Thank you Fergie! Oh, the sunsets have been just amazing lately. I saw one this evening from the bedroom window – it was awesome but I didn’t get any good photographs. You’re right: it wouldn’t be the same without the trees.


  1. Yep, days like these are also in short supply on this side, so I will have to come and take a peek at this gorgeous shot of your’s every now and again, just to remind me that the sun’s still there!

    P.S Thanks again for the song, love it!


    1. Thank you CV! I hope we get some bright days over the holidays. I should thank you for reminding me about that song. Something just fired off in my brain with the title of your post. I haven’t listened to it in years and it also led me to some others I hadn’t listened to in a while!


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