A Little Fizz and Sparkle

Something a little different from me this evening. A hectic day – which included a morning at work – and very dark, overcast weather conditions –Β  meant I was unable to capture any outdoor photographs to post.

A little inspiration was needed to mark the last day of 2011 so the combination of some lovely fizzy wine and my partner’s rather beautiful cut glass champagne ‘coupe’ (which doesn’t see the light of day very often!) did the trick! (By the way, I’m drinking mine from my usual half pint traditional beer glass πŸ™‚ ).

There’s just over three hours to go before 2012, so I’d like to take the opportunity to wish readers of my blog a Very Happy 2012.


30 thoughts on “A Little Fizz and Sparkle

  1. Hello! I love your pictures! Check out my cousin and I’s photos. Were going to start selling photos in about a week. Were also trying to get the most views we have ever got tomorrow (jan. 1st) Please go to our website tomorrow and pass this message on. Thanks!


    1. Coming up to an hour and a half after midnight now and I can’t believe I’m still awake :-). All the very best for 2012 Sheila and a big thank you for your continued support.


    1. Many thanks Hallysann πŸ™‚ Oh, wow! Wouldn’t that have been something? I’ve always wanted a glass ceiling so I can look at the stars. I wonder ………… . Wishing you and your family a Very Happy New Year.


  2. A super shot on which to end the old year and start the new.

    A Happy New Year to you and your partner.

    Thanks for all your comments.


    1. Many thanks Calvin. I hope to get out and about a little further afield in England this year to some places I’ve never been. A little further North ……….. . All the very best for 2012 Calvin!


    1. Thank you Truels. It’s a different style of photo for me as actually I don’t take many indoor photographs but it was fun to do for New Year’s Eve. Have a really fabulous 2012!


  3. Really excellent picture, Meanderer – it could be looking up the stairwell of some enormous building, and the near lack of colour gives it a rather unearthly quality. Excellent photography! Adrian


    1. Thank you very much Adrian. I don’t do very much indoor photography at all but this one was quite fun. My partner was a little nervous about me using his glass and supervised the proceedings but all was good. It’s amazing what a few led lights and a bright laptop screen can do regarding lighting πŸ˜‰


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