Rain Watching

I had hoped to get outside today for a NewYear’s walk – camera gripped enthusiastically at the ready – but the heavy, persistent rain has thwarted my plans.

Instead, like a hopeful child, I clung to my camera whilst teetering on tip-toe at the back door trying to capture a raindrop which was precariously drooping from the guttering –  a tiny tree encased within.

34 thoughts on “Rain Watching

    1. Many thanks Paula. I was pleased that these raindrops were forming on the guttering as it was raining far too hard to go outside and photograph all the raindrops on the plants!


    1. Thank you Sheila. Yes – it’s supposed to get colder here tomorrow too. The weather’s all over the place at the moment but it’s the short dark days combined with wall to wall grey skies that get me down a bit.


  1. I am sorry for the rain – but I’m glad the rain stopped you and inspired you to capture this amazing abstract….. I wish you a Happy and sunny New Year 😉


  2. Lovely photo Meanderer. We actually had some rain yesterday which is very unusual for a Minnesota winter. Happy New Year. Looking forward to a year filled with many wonderful photos on your site.


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