Winter Brights (V): Yellow and Blue

The sun shone for most of yesterday – the first drop of sunshine for days – and it was wonderful! The clear blue sky was so beautiful and made a wonderful backdrop for these yellow lichen-covered branches.

The weather today: strong winds with gusts between 60-90mph, rain, grey skies. Have to make the most of those bright Winter days.


24 thoughts on “Winter Brights (V): Yellow and Blue

  1. Lovely sunshine capture, I went into yesterday with Eldest Daughter to absorbe some sunshine but the camera was lacking enthusiasm and stayed mostly in my pocket. I did enjoy the sunshine though, and, after working last night, slept through most of the winds today.


    • Thank you Nick. I didn’t take close-ups of this particular lichen as I was more interested in the colour contrasts, but if you go to ‘Archive’ at the top of the page and select ‘Moss and Lichens’ from the Categories, you’ll find some close-ups in there.


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