Cow Eye

This is a photograph of a cow which I took last November but at the time wasn’t sure about posting. However, I have been inspired by Adrian Lewis at FATman Photos to post it after I saw his ‘Cowscape’ image which is wonderful and very creative

These beautiful cows – which were bathed in the light of the afternoon sun – were so inquisitive and came over to greet us.  I love the tufty hair on her head.

40 thoughts on “Cow Eye

    1. Thank you Dave. Yes – whenever I post an image I can imagine Adrian asking how it would crop and I think about whether it might work! The cows were fortunate not to have flies around their eyes on this particular day; it must have been too cold.


    1. Thank you Terry! I was actually surprised by how close I was when I looked at the image today. I’ve been back since that day and have been totally ignored by the cows! Fickle eh?


  1. Thanks for the mention! >>> but what about a tighter crop >>> left margin = just to the left of the eye, so that it misses most of the very bright side to the face, and the bottom margin just about at the bottom of the yellowish ?matter that has oozed from the front tip of the eye??? Adrian


  2. I love this picture! Especially the textures! There’s a pedigree cowherd on the fields where I live. They are beautiful, and quite docile yet inquisitive. It takes a lot to get good shots of them!! You got a great shot here!


    1. Many thanks Dreams and Zeros. How wonderful to have a pedigree cowherd close to where you live. Cows are intriguing creatures: as you say – often docile yet inquisitive; sometimes completely disinterested; and other times (surprisingly) a little more ‘forward’!


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