Beech and Birch

A photograph of a copper Beech hedge which has been allowed to grow over the top of its usual height line, and some wispy Birch trees beyond.

It was another of the all-too-present grey days but there was a bit of light behind me which helped highlight the colours in the Beech and Birch.


14 thoughts on “Beech and Birch

    • Beech hedges provide such wonderful colour during the colder seasons as do the few copper coloured leaves from the Beech trees. You’re right, they do give a feeling of warmth 🙂


  1. Two very photogentic trees, and, both favorites of mine. We must not have that kind of beech, I don’t recognize the color.
    This is a pretty shot.


    • Thank you TBM. It’s one of the aspects of the shot which drew me to it – the unkempt new growth of the Beech and the wispy growth of the Birches. I really like the informality. I’m sure the owner of the hedge will have it spick and span before long though!


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