Winter Seaview

I spent the day at the seaside yesterday and it was wonderful! Bournemouth beach in Dorset England has beautiful long stretches of golden sand and is very busy during the Summer months, but yesterday it was almost deserted. It belonged to the birds.

Despite it being a Winter’s day and a little overcast – with a shower of rain – it was really quite mild and sunny. I took this photograph about 30 minutes before sunset.

I love the sea – the wide and open horizons – and the sounds and smells. It really helps to clear away some of the dusty recesses of the mind!

51 thoughts on “Winter Seaview

      1. There is something quite beautiful about the sea during the winter; I really like it, I live in the City though so it’s hard to get to the coast as often as I’d like


        1. The seaside takes on such a different feel during Winter; I really like it too but hadn’t really taken advantage of it as I don’t live near the sea. However, I recently discovered a very inexpensive means of getting there by public transport which doesn’t take hours and which is very smooth and efficient (I drive but I’m a pretty slow driver and dislike the rush and hassle of driving).


      1. You are most welcome, Meanderer…and I know what you mean about the off-season visits to such places…my wife and I went to San Diego, Calif in November once and it was very much the same…hardly anybody out…with the crisp winds and icy water…incredible…. Again, lucky you. πŸ™‚


    1. Many thanks MM. The light was pretty amazing all through the day as the sun alternated with various levels of clouds. I had a few different versions of this image and they each had slightly different tones – some steely grey; others with hints of pinks and yellows.


    1. Many thanks SaptarshiC! I took quite a few photos which included birds that day – there were lots around on the deserted beach and they didn’t seemed to mind being photographed!


    1. Thank you Calvin. I took a lot of photographs of this particular groyne with the birds sitting atop. I was fortunate that the light was so nice and that the birds sat there for a long time!


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