Lichen Stripe

Here is a photograph I took whilst walking on the decking planks on Bournemouth Pier. Lichen and moss were growing on the inner facings of the planks although here it looks as if they have been used as decorative insets.

The pattern and colour of the rain-dampened planks remind me of the texture and colour of the sea.

35 thoughts on “Lichen Stripe

    1. Thank you Nandini! Don’t worry about not understanding it – it means my attempt at an abstract has worked! It’s two planks of wood which are part of the decking of a Pier – otherwise known as a ‘boardwalk’. The lichen and moss are growing on the inside edges.


    1. It’s part of what we call a ‘Pier’ in the UK (many seaside places have one or more) or a ‘boardwalk’ in the US. Boards – or planks – of wood are connected together as a walkway over the sea.


  1. I love this shot, the composition and the lack of strong context which leaves it floating. The wood also looks like rock. Nice to have so much to look at and wonder about in such a ‘simple’ shot.


  2. At first sight, I thought that the wood was water, the sea with a long island in the middle to be exact; but then I read your description of it.

    I like it!


    1. I didn’t know about the buttermilk but you have reminded me about the use of yoghurt on modern garden ornaments which encourages the growth of moss and lichen giving the look of aged stone. I haven’t tried it but might do one day!


  3. This is a picture that really makes me look, and that can’t be a bad thing. The pier’s wooden planking, especially in the top of the shot, could easily be a massive rock face, with the plants being large trees growing far, far below. Very good image! Adrian


  4. First of all this is a super nice image, one of the best abstracts I have seen for a long time!!!
    It is SO beautiful.
    AND: I had to look at it for a time before I understood, how it was captured. Good photos – are photographs that challenge!


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