A seashell sits burrowed in the course sand waiting for the tide to come in.

The colour and patterns drew me to this particular shell and the way it sat below the level of the sand. I also like the crystals of the course-grained sand.

34 thoughts on “Shelter

  1. fantastic macro shot! My first impression was the toe of a rubber boot poking out from fine gravel. I like these distortions of perception that crop up in your photos quite a bit.


    1. Thanks so much Ehpem. I’ve had another look at it and I can see what you mean! The original shot was of the whole shell and on the left was a shadow giving a 3D effect but I kept looking at it and felt it wasn’t right. I then cropped and rotated and rotated again and coverted to B&W – and I still wasn’t happy with it. I then thought maybe I should show part shell and part sand and it just seemed to look better!


      1. I think you got it right this way.
        The sand is pretty special – can’t be very common to have a grain size like that. It looks as if they are pure quartz. I would guess there are quartz veins in the rocks around there somewhere and for some reason the wave energy is concentrating this size in this place. It would be interesting to understand it better.


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