Pier Through the Window

A reflection of Bournemouth Pier late afternoon on the windows of a rather famous fish and chip shop.

I took quite a few reflection images during the day: the combination of very few people and interesting skies gives a rather different  feel to a place I’ve only previously visited during the hustle and bustle of Summer.

34 thoughts on “Pier Through the Window

    1. Thank you Jimi! It’s the atmosphere of the shot which strikes me too. I did a B&W conversion which is even more atmospheric – a reminder of childhood seaside holidays. I will probably post it in a week or two.


  1. Oh that’s very nice! The sky is in two bits. The lower bit, with clouds behind what look like a row of lights, is very good – but for me the picture is made by the completely over exposed white area at the top centre of the frame, which gives the photo a real sense of drama that I think would be otherwise lacking.

    Put your fingers over that over exposed bit to see what I mean – the shot is still ok, but it no longer has anything of the drama. Very nice picture! Adrian


    1. It’s so interesting that you say that Adrian! I wasn’t happy with the blown out bit at the top at first and tried a few different crops but, as you say, it didn’t look right without it. It needs to be in there along with the orangey glow on the door itself just where the sun hits it.

      Strangely, however, I have a cropped B&W version which looks very interesting – very moody; it reminds me of childhood holidays at the sea or one of those gritty British films from the 60s! I will post it at some point!

      Many thanks for your comments – I’m glad you like the image!


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