40 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Oh that’s nice, that’s excellent, Meanderer! I will be honest and say that I don’t like all of your pictures – we have different tastes and you probably don’t like all of mine either – but over and over again you come up with these absolutely wonderful surprises!

    The hint of land and small, paler clouds is wonderful, as are the format (just right!), the really beautiful light on the sea, and the restricted colour palette – absolutely wonderful – and, Minimalism raising its glorious head once again, it is all extremely simple!

    And it is a wonderfully quiet and calming picture – I feel more relaxed just glancing at it.

    Wow!!! Excellent!!! Adrian


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Adrian – I really appreciate it. Yes – we do have different tastes but that’s what makes what we do so interesting.

      It was such a wonderful day at Bournemouth beach. The light and changing weather conditions really added to the day and enabled some interesting images. Minimalism really does aid calmness and clarity of thought doesn’t it?


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