Lakeside View

I visited a lake yesterday and was so pleased that the sun shone for most of the day (it’s also shining this morning!). This is a view from one of the many bird hides around the lake.

The gulls in the distance were reflecting the sun, and the colour of the water and grasses was so pretty. There’s no great definition in this image – the birds were too far away – but it was wonderful seeing the birds, water and grasses look so colourful and bright. It was quite uplifting.


28 thoughts on “Lakeside View

    • Thank you Cocomino. The grasses were quite a distance from where I was sitting and the water and birds much much further away giving a bit of an abstract feel to the image. I’m pleased you like it πŸ™‚


    • Thank you David. It’s wonderful to see some sunshine after so many grey days – one simply can’t wait to get outside and enjoy it! I’m really pleased that you have sunshine where you are today (very overcast here once again with a chance of snow).


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