34 thoughts on “White on Blue

  1. May be since you have rotated it, I couldn’t make out the clouds here, at first (it’s just me, I guess). What I could make out was this – Shallow water, with the bottom visible and someone poured blue ink on it which is spreading out along the waves. 😉

    Great photo, loved the blue and the alternate look. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your analysis of the image Nandini! Yes – the rotation alters it in such a way that it becomes something else. I like your idea of the blue ink poured on the water. The water has a sort of thickness from this angle doesn’t it? It’s fascinating what happens to an image when it is turned upside down 🙂


    1. Thank you Choconutmeg! I took many photos of the lake and lots of them have this very blue water. It was one of the brightest days we’d had for a while and there was extensive blue sky reflecting in the water.


  2. I love this image. The movement is so clear, and the colors just enchanting. You feel that it’s a recognizable scene, but can’t put your finger on exactly what it is. Very nicely done!


    1. Thank you Sandy. Yes – the blue was so blue; quite strange really. I wonder whether the enclosed surrounding area made it so intense – there are little enclosed areas people use for fishing around the lake and I think I was standing in one of those.


  3. Excellent picture!!! What about 90 degrees clockwise rotation – I’ve got a good feeling about that! It might especially draw attention to some of the darker waves that are now top right. Adrian


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