I took this photograph early this morning whilst waiting for a bus. The catkins were such a vivid colour especially against the clear blue sky. It was a really cheerful sight!

No frost this morning but it’s very cold with a strong biting easterly wind. The sunshine and blue skies, however, are very welcome.

12 thoughts on “Catkins

    1. Thank you Sandy. The early morning low sun really emphasised the orange colour. On my return just after midday, they looked more pinky-yellow. Yes they are a rather intriguing type of flower!


    1. They are quite curious looking aren’t they? They also remind me of a certain type of cheesey snack we get here in the UK! Catkins are flowers and can appear on Willows, Hazels, Birches and Alders. I think these are on small hazel trees but I’d need to investigate further. I’ve seen lots on Alder trees and they are a pink-purple colour. Many thanks for your comments.


    1. I have a moodier image today, though, which is pretty close to the subject of your last post! The bright orange of the catkins against a clear blue sky was so wonderful to see yesterday.


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