I took this photograph early this morning whilst waiting for a bus. The catkins were such a vivid colour especially against the clear blue sky. It was a really cheerful sight!

No frost this morning but it’s very cold with a strong biting easterly wind. The sunshine and blue skies, however, are very welcome.


12 thoughts on “Catkins

    • Thank you Sandy. The early morning low sun really emphasised the orange colour. On my return just after midday, they looked more pinky-yellow. Yes they are a rather intriguing type of flower!


    • They are quite curious looking aren’t they? They also remind me of a certain type of cheesey snack we get here in the UK! Catkins are flowers and can appear on Willows, Hazels, Birches and Alders. I think these are on small hazel trees but I’d need to investigate further. I’ve seen lots on Alder trees and they are a pink-purple colour. Many thanks for your comments.


    • I have a moodier image today, though, which is pretty close to the subject of your last post! The bright orange of the catkins against a clear blue sky was so wonderful to see yesterday.


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