Lichen Bench

I think this is one of the most beautiful benches I have ever seen. It was a very lovely decorative wooden bench in its own right but the complete covering of lichen made it something special.Β  One must presume it is never sat upon: the lichen looked so fresh and vibrant – or maybe it is used in the Summer only which gives the lichen a chance to flourish in the Winter months.

I don’t know whether I’ve done justice to the beauty of this bench – I photographed it on a very overcast day – so I would like to go back and photograph it on a brighter day.

26 thoughts on “Lichen Bench

    1. πŸ™‚ I know what you mean – it does have a sort of edible quality! I’ve no idea about the possible (or otherwise) toxicity of lichen. A lot of it is actually protected by law. I really must find the time to do more research on it. Thank you Dreams and Zeros.


    1. Nature’s patina: yes! It probably wouldn’t have caught my eye without the lichen. It was the vibrancy, beauty and quantity of the lichen which really attracted me. Thank you Fergie.


    1. Thank you Elmediat. Yes – it really gets the imagination going doesn’t it? I saw it in the grounds of a Stately Home and visitors only get a chance to see this part of the garden on two days of the year.


  1. I found this very disorienting, the angle I suppose and that the background lighter areas stand out like raised cubes. But also benches around here are mostly parallel lines so I was not expecting this. I had to turn my head in all kinds of directions to find the bench in the amongst all the lichen. I think you have done the bench and the lichen justice.


    1. I would have liked to have got some of the bench more sharply in focus than the rest but the light was so dim it turned out rather flat – hence the confusion I think! The shape of the bench was quite unusual – especially the back rest. I would like to go back at the weekend if it’s sunny to try again. Many thanks Ehpem.


    1. Many thanks David. I think it must have been there a long time and possibly never sat upon. They have a lot of interesting lichen in the grounds which I think they must be proud of and try and protect.


  2. Another wonderful lichen shot–what a fabulous array! It reminds me of some fenceposts I’ve seen in New Zealand’s South Island. I’m collecting some from my archives for a future post.


    1. It was an incredible sight – so beautiful. I would have liked to have gone back and taken more photos in better light but it was grey the following week too (this part of the Stately House gardens is only open 2 days a year!). Many thanks Gary. I look forward to seeing your lichen posts – in both senses of the word!


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