Frosty Blues

Here is one more in the mini-frost series. I like the contrasting patterns which the frost has made on different materials: glass, plastic and metal.

The weather has returned to grey and dull again but without the mild temps. Some places in England may get more snow today but I don’t think my area will.

51 thoughts on “Frosty Blues

    1. Thank you Eremophila. We have only had a very little frost so far this Winter but what we have had has been so lovely and different to what I’ve seen before. I wonder if the dryness makes a difference.


    1. Thank you Fergie. What a wonderful description and one that’s not heard of much these days: bolts of material. Very few shops sell them nowadays; fabric and wool shops (craft shops generally) are diminishing every year. I would like to find material with this design and colour!


  1. You have exploited the cold weather to the full and this shot is another wonderful addition to your frost series — not to be confused with the TV detective. πŸ˜‰


    1. Many thanks Calvin. I was pleased I saw and photographed these frost images Saturday morning; they were an unexpected surprise!

      I never did see any of the Frost series; I think I just couldn’t get used to David Jason playing a detective after his successful Delboy and Pop Larkin πŸ™‚


  2. Beautiful shots – nothing quite like a bit of blue and frost… whereabouts are you in the UK ? I am in Cambridgeshire and we had 6″ of snow sat/sun .. gone off the roads now but hanging on in the fields..


    1. Thank you Hellen. The blue and white work well together don’t they?! How wonderful to have had some snow. I know it can be a pain when it hangs around and turns icy or slushy but it’s wonderful to have a little! I’m in the West Country where it has been slightly milder, duller and more rainy. Actually, it has been a very dull grey January and start of Feb so far.


  3. Beautiful picture, looks like clusters of diamonds!

    Incidentally, the post email of your’s that I received immediately prior to this one failed to find a web page – something wrong there somewhere. Adrian


  4. I’m really enjoying your mini-frost series. I totally missed out, having left the UK before the cold weather set in. Some may think that’s a good thing πŸ˜‰


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